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"We Use Movement Data To Help Runners, Athletes And Active People In Cornwall And Beyond, To Overcome Injury, Perform Better And Achieve Their Goals."

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Are you an elite runner who wants to shave milliseconds off your pace?
A park-runner who wants to push from the middle to the front.

Or, maybe you’re a new runner craving the freedom and endorphins associated with running outside. But your legs, feet, hips or knees hurt.

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People Who We Help Include:

3D gait analysis at the Run Lab is a sophisticated method used to assess and analyse the way a person walks or runs in three dimensions. It involves capturing detailed movements of the body using specialised equipment such as motion-capture cameras, force plates, and sensors. 

During the analysis, the individual is typically asked to walk or run on a treadmill or a designated pathway while their movements are recorded. This data is then processed to provide insights into various aspects of gait mechanics, including stride length, foot placement, joint angles, and the distribution of forces throughout the body. 

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Force Plate Analysis at the run lab

Force plate analysis at the Run Lab involves using specialised equipment called force plates to measure the ground reaction forces generated during walking or running. These force plates are placed on the floor and can accurately capture the forces exerted by the feet as they make contact with the ground. 

During a force plate analysis, an individual typically walks or runs over the force plates while their movements are recorded. The force data collected includes parameters such as the magnitude, direction, and timing of the forces exerted by each foot. 

This analysis provides valuable insights into various aspects of gait mechanics, such as how forces are distributed between the left and right legs, how efficiently forces are transferred from the feet through the lower limbs, and how different factors (such as footwear or running technique) may affect force production. 

Force plate analysis can be instrumental in assessing biomechanical parameters related to performance, injury risk, and rehabilitation. By identifying abnormal force patterns or asymmetries, clinicians and coaches can develop targeted interventions to improve movement efficiency, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance athletic performance. 

The Run Lab Sessions

The Best Gait Analysis And Movement Testing In The South West. At The Run Lab®, All Of Our Sessions Are Carried Out By Specialist Physiotherapists, Who Are Experts In Biomechanics And Injury Diagnosis.”

Perfect Your Stride

This 3D gait analysis shows you how you move and which areas you need to work on to improve your running technique. So you can run faster or further and reduce the chance of injuries. The Run Lab: Technique is our entry-level 3D gait analysis and suitable for any level of runner, including beginners…

Run Faster and Further than you Ever Have Before

For ongoing running injuries or niggles, this is the ultimate diagnostic session, combining 3D gait analysis with Physiotherapy assessments.

We use a combination of tests specific to your problem, including 3D gait analysis, foot-scanning and force plate tests. We also perform a full physiotherapy assessment and clinical evaluation. It’s perfect for runners with ongoing aches or pains, or those prone to knee pain, shin pain or calf tightness. We diagnose precisely WHAT the problem is and WHY it’s happening. Finding the root cause in this way helps us remedy the issue and prevent future problems.

Common problems we see in runners include knee pain, shin pain, ankle or hip, foot or ankle pain and sciatica. To complete this gait analysis session, you need to be able to run comfortably for 3-5 minutes. Suppose you are currently unable to run at all, due to pain. In that case, we recommend you start with one of our Physiotherapy assessments and add 3D gait analysis once symptoms improve.

The Smart Choice for Serious Runners

For competitive/elite runners, we provide bespoke 3D gait analysis sessions to guide your training and performance. Please speak to the team for further details of this 2-hour intensive session and how we tailor it to you.

You Only Get Out What You Put In

We also provide performance testing and movement screens, including Force Plate testing of power, symmetry and stability. These sessions find potential issues before they occur, so you know which bits to stretch or strengthen – to guide your training for the best possible results.

These sessions are for anyone looking to improve sports performance or prevent injury. Not just for runners. They’re great for team-sport players, gym users, runners, triathletes and cross-fitters, too.

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